Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bas Karo Bhaijaan

The way Nawazuddin Siddiqui steals the show in the second half, giving a semblance of sanity to Bajrangi Bhaijaan, clearly shows the influence of new age cinema directors and actors. The regular potboiler, which is dished out in the name of commercial cinema, stands completely exposed. It might give you the ‘100 Crores’, but don’t ask the serious moviegoers to endorse it as well.

BB could be divided into two parts – pre Nawaz and post Nawaz; effectively the first and second half. Least said about the first half the  better. A predictable implausible script, below par acting – Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan were almost playing themselves,  and the filmmakers managed to find a girl, who could match Salman in that department – being stone-faced. The story and dialogue are average and the songs don’t make any sense; helping only in pulling the film from going forward.    

Aseem Misra’s camera work in most parts is  apt, easy on the eye rather than spectacular, which helps the film.

The introduction of Nawazuddin in the second half comes as a breath of fresh air. One could clearly see his inputs in improving whichever scene he is in. Be it the snide remarks, calling Salman ‘begum’, coming back to the frame while winding up his piece to camera, wiping his face after kissing the bus driver’s hand et cetera.

But the lift in the tempo is marred by the long drawn out far-fetched climax.

I generally watch movies on the first day of release itself but missed this and watched only on Tuesday. As there was a general good buzz about the movie, I was hoping Kabir Khan might just have out done himself. The expectation might have contributed to the big disappointment.

But the temptation to go for a box office success has made him go for a complete commercial fair. No one can question Kabir as he’s delivered yet another blockbuster. What I can’t understand is why one must mount a movie at such a level that my 16 year old son pleads with me to leave at the interval. But am happy, I could convince him to stay on to see Nawazuddin show them the mirror.